VAT news - April 2016

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reclaim VAT on business costs

How to reclaim VAT on business costs as a non-UK business

Ryan Bevan 28 April 2016 No comments

  Broadly, businesses operating in the UK can be divided by those that have a fixed location inside the UK from which goods/services are supplied/purchased (this brings up another key issue ‘the place of supply’), and those that do not have a fixed location inside the UK called – Non-Established Taxable Persons (NETP), or non-resident…

VAT Audit

The essential things to know about a VAT Audit

Ryan Bevan 26 April 2016 No comments

  With many VAT registered businesses receiving infrequent VAT audits these days – HMRC aim to audit VAT registered businesses at least once every 4 years – it is worth familiarising yourself with what to expect beforehand. HMRC undertake VAT audits as part of their checks to make sure that businesses are paying the correct…

online vta training

Why do businesses invest in our online VAT training courses?

Ryan Bevan 21 April 2016 No comments

  We recently undertook a survey of our online VAT training course students asking why they considered VAT training to be important. Some of the most common views are expressed below. Do you recognise yourself or your business in any of the opinions?   Because the VAT training courses are all online, we could train people…

vat reverse charge explained

Understanding the VAT reverse charge is essential for businesses buying and selling goods or services cross-border in the EU

Ryan Bevan 18 April 2016 No comments

VAT Reverse Charge Explained. Virtually all of our clients have an ‘international’ dimension to their business whether they are buying goods or services from other EU Member States or moving their own products to/from fulfilment centres around Europe. In doing so, this means at some point the VAT reverse charge or VAT ‘self-assessment’ comes in to…

VAT compliance filings

Are you struggling to manage EU VAT compliance filings?

Ryan Bevan 14 April 2016 No comments

Engaging a VAT tax representative to manage EU VAT compliance filings could be the answer for your business   For many non-EU businesses starting to trade in the EU can be a minefield. One of the most daunting issues to contend with is understanding the complex tax rules, especially the VAT rules and regulations which…


VAT is an Issue For Everyone in Your Business

Ryan Bevan 7 April 2016 No comments

  Increased globalisation and rapid developments in technology are all having an impact on the way companies conduct their business. Business transactions are becoming increasingly complex which is continually creating new challenges in the application of VAT – which unlike most other taxes is a transaction based tax. Often it is not fully appreciated that…