VAT news - June 2016

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Brexit: What are the VAT implications?

Ryan Bevan 28 June 2016 No comments

  What needs to be done right now? In short, nothing. The first thing to note about Brexit is that no action is required by businesses at this point in time from a VAT perspective. This is also the view expressed by HMRC in its Information Paper 42 (2016) published on 24 June in which…

VAT knowledge

A little VAT knowledge is a dangerous thing…

Ryan Bevan 9 June 2016 No comments

  It is a generally accept principle that people like to be adequately trained to do their job and get increased satisfaction in making a contribution to a business benefit or saved cost. Therefore, a failure to continually update the staff knowledge base can easily be interpreted that the role they have is static or…

Bookit card handling fees

ECJ decides card handling fees are not VAT exempt

Ryan Bevan 6 June 2016 No comments

  The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has recently released its judgments in two UK cases concerning the VAT liability of debit and credit card handling fees – National Exhibition Centre Limited (NEC) (C-130/15) and Bookit Limited (C-607/14). The key issues in these cases centred around whether the services provided by NEC and Bookit amounted…

online vat traininig

How VAT Training can help improve staff performance

Ryan Bevan 1 June 2016 No comments

Online VAT Training: Training to Motivate your Staff It is a well-known fact that training is a key factor in helping staff feel valued by their employer and motivated to progress in their careers.  Investing in staff training can pay off in terms of fewer errors being made, increased opportunities for savings and efficiencies to…