VAT news - August 2016

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domestic reverse charge

New HMRC guidance on domestic reverse charge

Ryan Bevan 25 August 2016 No comments

VAT: domestic reverse charge for telecommunications services HMRC have issued new guidance on the domestic reverse charge for telecommunication services. The new guide is updated to apply to businesses supplying wholesale electronic communications providing speech and associated services. It explains how VAT invoices will be affected by the reverse charge.  


New VAT place of supply rules: Public Notice 741A

Ryan Bevan 12 August 2016 No comments

  HMRC have published an updated version of VAT Public Notice 741A which helps businesses determine the VAT place of supply rules for services. The new Public Notice cancels and replaces Notice 741 from February 2010. Details of the changes to the previous version can be found in paragraph 1.3 of the new notice. A…