VAT news - April 2017

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New HMRC guidance on VAT recovery for holding companies

Gareth Bevan 27 April 2017 No comments

New holding companies guidance HMRC have now updated their internal guidance on holding companies.  Our earlier blog article outlined some of the recent VAT cases concerning the VAT recovery position of holding companies.  The new guidance brings HMRC policy into line with the decisions in these cases, helping to reduce the uncertainty there has been…

use and enjoyment telecommunications

Use and enjoyment VAT provisions for telecommunication services – Consultation

Gareth Bevan 26 April 2017 No comments

In the Spring Budget 2017 the government announced that it would remove the use and enjoyment VAT provisions for business to consumer (B2C) telecommunication services. This means that UK VAT will now be charged on all telecommunication services used outside the EU by UK consumers. This change will bring the UK rules in line with…


EU seeks opinions on whether transfer pricing adjustments are subject to VAT

Gareth Bevan 19 April 2017 No comments

European Commission transfer pricing working paper The European Commission has issued a working paper asking the VAT Committee to consider whether transfer pricing adjustments carried out for direct tax purposes are within the scope of VAT. The VAT Committee is being asked to examine the potential VAT implications with the aim of providing legal certainty…