About Us

Our Expertise

We are VAT experts: we combine senior Big Four experience of EU VAT with an unrivalled level of personal service and unmatched attention to detail.

Our expertise include:

  • Providing multi-national companies with business-led VAT advice
  • Advising international businesses on transactions, supply chains and VAT planning in their European in-bound activities
  • Supporting international businesses with their European VAT compliance filings
  • Providing engaging online VAT training packages

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Our People

We deliver a superior service to businesses requiring expertise from leading VAT professionals.

Our firm has:

Industry leading VAT consultants
VAT compliance specialists with EU-wide VAT knowledge
VAT researchers making sure we know the latest EU VAT developments
VAT training professionals providing leading online VAT content

Our Experience

VAT is a highly contextual tax and the VAT position of two almost identical businesses can be radically different with only one subtle difference in the way they operate.

Therefore, businesses need VAT experts who can spot those subtle differences and provide the right advice.

Our VAT consultants have many years of experience working in and with global businesses and have industry renowned expertise and credentials.

By working with us you get a real alternative to the Big Four accountancy firms, receiving all the expertise, experience and personal service with real value for money.

Our Approach

Our approach is always tailored to your needs: we provide the right VAT advice for your business based on your transaction chains and commercial arrangements.

We always start with establishing the fact pattern and plan the most VAT efficient course of action for your business.

We set out what needs to be done, when, why and how. We call this Active VAT management.

Active VAT management applies to our VAT consulting and VAT compliance projects and it means we give you the advice, support and capabilities to:

  • Reduce VAT costs by maximising VAT recovery and minimising VAT inefficiencies
  • Have VAT efficient and proper contracting with customers
  • Create cash generation opportunities through VAT efficiencies
  • Take control of your VAT position with customers and vendors
  • Minimise your exposure to VAT assessments and penalties from tax authorities
  • Meet all of your EU VAT compliance obligations on time, in any EU country

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