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Don’t forget to claim your foreign VAT in time

Gareth Bevan 11 August 2017 No comments

Do you incur overseas VAT in the course of your business activities?  Did you know that not all foreign VAT you pay needs to be suffered as a cost?  There are mechanisms in place which enable both EU and non-EU businesses to recover VAT on certain costs that are incurred in EU countries where they…

EU VAT Rates

VAT Resource: EU VAT rates table for 2017

Gareth Bevan 4 January 2017 No comments

Your 2017 EU VAT rates table With lots of changes taking place with effect from 1st January 2017, we have put together a 2017 EU VAT rates table to keep you up to date with what is happening with VAT around the European Union. We hope you find this a useful resource! Country VAT Rate: Standard VAT…

VAT-free Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a VAT-free designer handbag!

Gareth Bevan 16 December 2016 No comments

Well if you are a member of the US forces based in the UK then your wish could come true! For many UK businesses it is probably a little known fact that you can sell most goods and services costing £100 (inc VAT) or more to a member of the US forces or their family…

Low Value VAT Exemption

Online Trading Simplified with New VAT Measures

Gareth Bevan 1 December 2016 No comments

European Commission announces new VAT measures to help e-commerce businesses The European Commission has released details of new VAT measures to simplify online trading for EU businesses.  This follows the Commission’s adoption of the Action Plan for VAT in April 2016 which included a commitment to remove VAT obstacles to e-commerce. The new measures include: Extending…

domestic reverse charge

New HMRC guidance on domestic reverse charge

Ryan Bevan 25 August 2016 No comments

VAT: domestic reverse charge for telecommunications services HMRC have issued new guidance on the domestic reverse charge for telecommunication services. The new guide is updated to apply to businesses supplying wholesale electronic communications providing speech and associated services. It explains how VAT invoices will be affected by the reverse charge.  


New VAT place of supply rules: Public Notice 741A

Ryan Bevan 12 August 2016 No comments

  HMRC have published an updated version of VAT Public Notice 741A which helps businesses determine the VAT place of supply rules for services. The new Public Notice cancels and replaces Notice 741 from February 2010. Details of the changes to the previous version can be found in paragraph 1.3 of the new notice. A…

foreign vat claims

It’s time to start thinking about your foreign VAT claims

Ryan Bevan 22 July 2016 No comments

  If your business has incurred costs in EU countries where it is not established and not VAT registered, then now is a good time to start quantifying how much overseas VAT has been suffered and decide whether to submit a refund claim. With the average VAT rate in the EU now above 20%, and…

partial exemption method

An introductory guide to VAT Partial Exemption

Ryan Bevan 26 May 2016 No comments

  VAT is consumption based tax and is designed to have a dual purpose – it is both incurred from vendors and suppliers of goods and services and also charged by taxable persons on its taxable supplies where applicable under the VAT legislation. Consequently, there are two broad types of VAT – Input VAT which…


5 important tips to avoid paying too much VAT

Ryan Bevan 10 May 2016 No comments

5 common irrecoverable VAT errors   One of the most commonly asked questions from our clients is ”how can I pay less VAT?”. Well, we can’t necessarily reduce the amount of VAT paid (you have to charge VAT when it’s within the law), but we can optimise the amount of VAT recovered. As well as…

reclaim VAT on business costs

How to reclaim VAT on business costs as a non-UK business

Ryan Bevan 28 April 2016 No comments

  Broadly, businesses operating in the UK can be divided by those that have a fixed location inside the UK from which goods/services are supplied/purchased (this brings up another key issue ‘the place of supply’), and those that do not have a fixed location inside the UK called – Non-Established Taxable Persons (NETP), or non-resident…