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VAT Audit

The essential things to know about a VAT Audit

Ryan Bevan 26 April 2016 No comments

  With many VAT registered businesses receiving infrequent VAT audits these days – HMRC aim to audit VAT registered businesses at least once every 4 years – it is worth familiarising yourself with what to expect beforehand. HMRC undertake VAT audits as part of their checks to make sure that businesses are paying the correct…


VAT is an Issue For Everyone in Your Business

Ryan Bevan 7 April 2016 No comments

  Increased globalisation and rapid developments in technology are all having an impact on the way companies conduct their business. Business transactions are becoming increasingly complex which is continually creating new challenges in the application of VAT – which unlike most other taxes is a transaction based tax. Often it is not fully appreciated that…


Actively manage your VAT position with leading European VAT specialists

Ryan Bevan 31 March 2016 No comments

  What we do  We are European VAT experts delivering VAT consultancy and VAT compliance services. As a firm we bring a unique proposition to the businesses we work with: we combine our senior partner-level Big Four experience with an unrivalled level of personal service and unmatched attention to detail. Our European VAT expertise includes,…

Practical European VAT advice

Business-led VAT advice: Removing the European VAT barrier

Ryan Bevan 8 March 2016 No comments

  VAT advice from leading European VAT specialists We work with a simple goal in mind: help businesses unlock their potential and grow new revenue streams internationally by simplifying the complexities of VAT in Europe. We give clear and practical VAT advice and support which enables businesses to deal with their VAT position effectively and…