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Autumn Budget 2017 – VAT registration threshold frozen and online VAT fraud targeted

carolineheath 22 November 2017 No comments

Today Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his first Autumn Budget.  The main VAT-related measures announced were: VAT registration thresholds In response to the Office of Tax Simplification’s report Value Added Tax: Routes to Simplification, the government will consult on the design of the threshold. In the meantime the registration threshold will be maintained at the current level…


Date of change to telecommunications use and enjoyment rules announced.

Gareth Bevan 25 July 2017 No comments

Further to our earlier blog post HMRC has now issued a policy paper VAT: telecommunication services used outside the EU – use and enjoyment rule removed. The effective date of the change is 1 November 2017. Effect of the change This change alters the VAT rules for mobile telecommunication services supplied to UK non-business users (for…


Most businesses unaware of the new corporate offence of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion

Gareth Bevan 7 June 2017 No comments

New criminal corporate offence against tax evasion to be introduced In the Government’s ongoing crackdown against tax evasion a new corporate offence is to be introduced by September 2017.  The Criminal Finances Act, which received Royal Assent on 27 April 2017, contains legislation for the new corporate offence of failure to prevent facilitation of tax…


New HMRC guidance on VAT recovery for holding companies

Gareth Bevan 27 April 2017 No comments

New holding companies guidance HMRC have now updated their internal guidance on holding companies.  Our earlier blog article outlined some of the recent VAT cases concerning the VAT recovery position of holding companies.  The new guidance brings HMRC policy into line with the decisions in these cases, helping to reduce the uncertainty there has been…

use and enjoyment telecommunications

Use and enjoyment VAT provisions for telecommunication services – Consultation

Gareth Bevan 26 April 2017 No comments

In the Spring Budget 2017 the government announced that it would remove the use and enjoyment VAT provisions for business to consumer (B2C) telecommunication services. This means that UK VAT will now be charged on all telecommunication services used outside the EU by UK consumers. This change will bring the UK rules in line with…


Holding Companies – new HMRC VAT guidance expected soon

Gareth Bevan 18 March 2017 No comments

Following a number of recent VAT cases concerning the VAT recovery position of holding companies, we expect HMRC to issue updated guidance in the near future. Holding companies and VAT recovery The extent to which holding companies may recover VAT on costs is a complicated area.  The main issue affecting the ability of holding companies…


Vouchers and business promotion schemes: Associated Newspapers Limited VAT case analysis

Gareth Bevan 24 February 2017 No comments

Following on from our earlier blog post, in this article we bring you a more in depth analysis of the Court of Appeal decision in the Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) VAT case on vouchers and business promotion schemes. The decision covers both the output VAT and input VAT consequences of the schemes.  It could have…

Major implications for businesses

Court of Appeal VAT decision could have major implications for businesses involved in the voucher market

Gareth Bevan 16 February 2017 No comments

The Court of Appeal decision in the case of Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) was released last week and, if it stands, will have major implications for businesses involved in the voucher market. In this blog, we provide our initial reaction to the ruling before following up with a more detailed review of the judgement next…


Brexit and VAT – what do we know so far?

Gareth Bevan 2 February 2017 No comments

Brexit has been dominating the news over the past couple of weeks following two landmark events. Firstly, there was Theresa May’s speech in which she set out 12 objectives for Britain in the impending exit negotiations.  Then there was last week’s Supreme Court ruling that Parliament had to approve the triggering of Article 50 which commences…


Increasing trend for real time VAT reporting

Gareth Bevan 4 January 2017 No comments

As tax authorities transform their operations to bring themselves into the digital age, the burden of real time VAT reporting for businesses will become increasingly common. Tax authority digital transformation Many countries have required or allowed electronic filing of VAT/GST returns for some time now. Growing numbers of tax authorities routinely conduct e-audits, with some…

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