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EU VAT Rates

VAT Resource: EU VAT rates table for 2017

Gareth Bevan 4 January 2017 No comments

Your 2017 EU VAT rates table With lots of changes taking place with effect from 1st January 2017, we have put together a 2017 EU VAT rates table to keep you up to date with what is happening with VAT around the European Union. We hope you find this a useful resource! Country VAT Rate: Standard VAT…

Cross-border sales online

How will the proposed new EU VAT rules for online, cross-border sales of goods impact businesses?

Gareth Bevan 8 December 2016 No comments

Further to our earlier blog posts, we take a more detailed look at the implications of the new VAT proposals relating to intra-EU, online cross-border sales of goods to consumers.   Current Rules – Distance Selling Regime At present EU businesses supplying goods to consumers in other EU Member States are required to apply “Distance Selling” VAT…

Low Value VAT Exemption

Removal of Low Value VAT Exemption for Imports

Elizabeth Wilson 7 December 2016 No comments

As part of the European Commission’s measures to improve the VAT environment for e-commerce businesses, the EC has set out their plans to take action against VAT fraud committed by businesses outside the EU by proposing to remove the low value VAT exemption on imports. Currently, small consignments and packages valued at €22 or less…

VAT treatment of e-books in EU

New EU VAT Proposal a Boost to European Booksellers

Ryan Bevan 6 December 2016 No comments

  The EU Commission’s announcement on Thursday regarding the VAT treatment of e-publications has been welcomed by the majority of European booksellers. E-publications and online news subscriptions have always been at a tax dis-advantage in the EU because the current VAT directive states they must be taxed at a standard rate, whilst printed publications can…

New UK VAT rules for online marketplaces traders

What the proposed e-commerce VAT rules mean for business

Ryan Bevan 2 December 2016 No comments

  Yesterday’s announcement by the EU that it is proposing to simplify VAT for e-commerce businesses (see our earlier article) should certainly be welcomed. The Commission has taken on board and is looking to address many of the issues arising from the changes to the VAT rules on supplies of e-services to consumers that came…

Low Value VAT Exemption

Online Trading Simplified with New VAT Measures

Gareth Bevan 1 December 2016 No comments

European Commission announces new VAT measures to help e-commerce businesses The European Commission has released details of new VAT measures to simplify online trading for EU businesses.  This follows the Commission’s adoption of the Action Plan for VAT in April 2016 which included a commitment to remove VAT obstacles to e-commerce. The new measures include: Extending…

London Business

Simplifying Cross-Border VAT Treatment

Gareth Bevan 24 November 2016 No comments

EU to Simplify and Harmonise the VAT treatment of Cross-Border Transactions The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) is responsible for EU policy on taxation issues. At its November meeting, ECOFIN adopted conclusions on improvements to the VAT rules for cross-border transactions. These are in response to particular issues raised when the European Commission’s Action Plan…

VAT rates for e-books

Update on EU plans for reduced VAT rates for e-books

Ryan Bevan 16 November 2016 No comments

  Further to the European Commission’s Action Plan on VAT a public consultation on reduced VAT rates for e-books and other electronically supplied publications was held earlier this year. The Commission has now published a report summarising the responses received. 862 responses were received in total. 50% were from readers, 251 responses were from businesses…

New UK VAT rules for online marketplaces traders

New UK VAT laws apply to online marketplace traders

Ryan Bevan 22 September 2016 No comments

  New HMRC powers to tackle VAT non-compliant overseas businesses trading via online marketplaces   A strengthening of HMRC’s powers to tackle non-compliant overseas businesses selling goods to UK consumers via online marketplaces came into effect last week, following Royal Assent of Finance Bill 2016. Overseas businesses selling goods located in the UK via online…


New VAT place of supply rules: Public Notice 741A

Ryan Bevan 12 August 2016 No comments

  HMRC have published an updated version of VAT Public Notice 741A which helps businesses determine the VAT place of supply rules for services. The new Public Notice cancels and replaces Notice 741 from February 2010. Details of the changes to the previous version can be found in paragraph 1.3 of the new notice. A…