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Brexit: What are the VAT implications?

Ryan Bevan 28 June 2016 No comments

  What needs to be done right now? In short, nothing. The first thing to note about Brexit is that no action is required by businesses at this point in time from a VAT perspective. This is also the view expressed by HMRC in its Information Paper 42 (2016) published on 24 June in which…

UK VAT changes

Summary of VAT changes announced in the 2015 UK Budget

Ryan Bevan 24 January 2016 No comments

  Five VAT changes were announced in today’s Budget. 1: Changes to partial exemption calculations for businesses with foreign branches. Supplies made by foreign branches will no longer be taken into account when a partially exempt business calculates the amount of VAT it can recover on overhead costs. This will reduce the amount of VAT…