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New Corporate criminal offence of failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion comes into force on 30th September

Gareth Bevan 27 September 2017 No comments

From 30 September 2017 it will be a criminal offence in the UK if a business fails to prevent its employees or any associated person from criminally facilitating tax evasion. An offence will be committed under the Criminal Finances Act 2017 whether the tax is evaded in the UK or a foreign country. Our earlier…


HMRC are consulting on Making Tax Digital

Gareth Bevan 22 September 2017 No comments

HMRC have launched a further consultation on Making Tax Digital (MTD).  They have made available for comment secondary and tertiary legislation on Income Tax and VAT and have also published a document “Making Tax Digital for VAT: legislation overview”. The deadline for all responses and comments is Friday 10 November 2017. Primary legislation                                                                                          The Autumn…

vat avoidance scheme

HMRC issues new VAT avoidance scheme guidance

Gareth Bevan 4 July 2017 No comments

New VAT avoidance scheme guidance HMRC has published new VAT avoidance scheme guidance.  Spotlight 38 covers the subject of VAT: supply splitting tax avoidance schemes. The aim of the Spotlight series is to alert taxpayers to tax avoidance schemes HMRC is aware of and currently investigating.  The intention is to warn businesses against using the…


New HMRC guidance on VAT recovery for holding companies

Gareth Bevan 27 April 2017 No comments

New holding companies guidance HMRC have now updated their internal guidance on holding companies.  Our earlier blog article outlined some of the recent VAT cases concerning the VAT recovery position of holding companies.  The new guidance brings HMRC policy into line with the decisions in these cases, helping to reduce the uncertainty there has been…

use and enjoyment telecommunications

Use and enjoyment VAT provisions for telecommunication services – Consultation

Gareth Bevan 26 April 2017 No comments

In the Spring Budget 2017 the government announced that it would remove the use and enjoyment VAT provisions for business to consumer (B2C) telecommunication services. This means that UK VAT will now be charged on all telecommunication services used outside the EU by UK consumers. This change will bring the UK rules in line with…


Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) Review of VAT

Gareth Bevan 2 March 2017 No comments

At the 2016 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Financial Secretary to the Treasury asked the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to conduct a review of VAT.  The objective of the review was to see whether the VAT system was fit for purpose in the modern economy and to identify potential areas…

Cross-border sales online

Amazon Sellers – Stay in control of your VAT compliance!

Gareth Bevan 13 January 2017 No comments

With the boom in online selling set to continue, the heat is being turned up on those sellers using online marketplaces who are not complying with their VAT obligations.   In a move to simplify VAT compliance, Amazon are currently piloting a new service which avoids the need for sellers to deal with overseas VAT on…


Increasing trend for real time VAT reporting

Gareth Bevan 4 January 2017 No comments

As tax authorities transform their operations to bring themselves into the digital age, the burden of real time VAT reporting for businesses will become increasingly common. Tax authority digital transformation Many countries have required or allowed electronic filing of VAT/GST returns for some time now. Growing numbers of tax authorities routinely conduct e-audits, with some…

Cross-border sales online

How will the proposed new EU VAT rules for online, cross-border sales of goods impact businesses?

Gareth Bevan 8 December 2016 No comments

Further to our earlier blog posts, we take a more detailed look at the implications of the new VAT proposals relating to intra-EU, online cross-border sales of goods to consumers.   Current Rules – Distance Selling Regime At present EU businesses supplying goods to consumers in other EU Member States are required to apply “Distance Selling” VAT…

Low Value VAT Exemption

Removal of Low Value VAT Exemption for Imports

Elizabeth Wilson 7 December 2016 No comments

As part of the European Commission’s measures to improve the VAT environment for e-commerce businesses, the EC has set out their plans to take action against VAT fraud committed by businesses outside the EU by proposing to remove the low value VAT exemption on imports. Currently, small consignments and packages valued at €22 or less…