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Low Value VAT Exemption

Online Trading Simplified with New VAT Measures

Gareth Bevan 1 December 2016 No comments

European Commission announces new VAT measures to help e-commerce businesses The European Commission has released details of new VAT measures to simplify online trading for EU businesses.  This follows the Commission’s adoption of the Action Plan for VAT in April 2016 which included a commitment to remove VAT obstacles to e-commerce. The new measures include: Extending…


Brexit: What are the VAT implications?

Ryan Bevan 28 June 2016 No comments

  What needs to be done right now? In short, nothing. The first thing to note about Brexit is that no action is required by businesses at this point in time from a VAT perspective. This is also the view expressed by HMRC in its Information Paper 42 (2016) published on 24 June in which…

VAT knowledge

A little VAT knowledge is a dangerous thing…

Ryan Bevan 9 June 2016 No comments

  It is a generally accept principle that people like to be adequately trained to do their job and get increased satisfaction in making a contribution to a business benefit or saved cost. Therefore, a failure to continually update the staff knowledge base can easily be interpreted that the role they have is static or…


Stay on top of your VAT compliance

Ryan Bevan 18 May 2016 No comments

  Avoid VAT Penalties for late filings of VAT Returns   Staying on top of your UK VAT compliance obligations is important for businesses to avoid unnecessary and unwanted penalties and increased scrutiny from HMRC. Penalties exist within the VAT system for VAT errors, late or non-submissions of VAT Returns, late payments of VAT liabilities…

reclaim VAT on business costs

How to reclaim VAT on business costs as a non-UK business

Ryan Bevan 28 April 2016 No comments

  Broadly, businesses operating in the UK can be divided by those that have a fixed location inside the UK from which goods/services are supplied/purchased (this brings up another key issue ‘the place of supply’), and those that do not have a fixed location inside the UK called – Non-Established Taxable Persons (NETP), or non-resident…

VAT Audit

The essential things to know about a VAT Audit

Ryan Bevan 26 April 2016 No comments

  With many VAT registered businesses receiving infrequent VAT audits these days – HMRC aim to audit VAT registered businesses at least once every 4 years – it is worth familiarising yourself with what to expect beforehand. HMRC undertake VAT audits as part of their checks to make sure that businesses are paying the correct…

VAT compliance filings

Are you struggling to manage EU VAT compliance filings?

Ryan Bevan 14 April 2016 No comments

Engaging a VAT tax representative to manage EU VAT compliance filings could be the answer for your business   For many non-EU businesses starting to trade in the EU can be a minefield. One of the most daunting issues to contend with is understanding the complex tax rules, especially the VAT rules and regulations which…