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Major implications for businesses

Court of Appeal VAT decision could have major implications for businesses involved in the voucher market

Gareth Bevan 16 February 2017 No comments

The Court of Appeal decision in the case of Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) was released last week and, if it stands, will have major implications for businesses involved in the voucher market. In this blog, we provide our initial reaction to the ruling before following up with a more detailed review of the judgement next…


Brexit and VAT – what do we know so far?

Gareth Bevan 2 February 2017 No comments

Brexit has been dominating the news over the past couple of weeks following two landmark events. Firstly, there was Theresa May’s speech in which she set out 12 objectives for Britain in the impending exit negotiations.  Then there was last week’s Supreme Court ruling that Parliament had to approve the triggering of Article 50 which commences…

EU VAT Rates

VAT Resource: EU VAT rates table for 2017

Gareth Bevan 4 January 2017 No comments

Your 2017 EU VAT rates table With lots of changes taking place with effect from 1st January 2017, we have put together a 2017 EU VAT rates table to keep you up to date with what is happening with VAT around the European Union. We hope you find this a useful resource! Country VAT Rate: Standard VAT…

Cross-border sales online

How will the proposed new EU VAT rules for online, cross-border sales of goods impact businesses?

Gareth Bevan 8 December 2016 No comments

Further to our earlier blog posts, we take a more detailed look at the implications of the new VAT proposals relating to intra-EU, online cross-border sales of goods to consumers.   Current Rules – Distance Selling Regime At present EU businesses supplying goods to consumers in other EU Member States are required to apply “Distance Selling” VAT…

Low Value VAT Exemption

Removal of Low Value VAT Exemption for Imports

Elizabeth Wilson 7 December 2016 No comments

As part of the European Commission’s measures to improve the VAT environment for e-commerce businesses, the EC has set out their plans to take action against VAT fraud committed by businesses outside the EU by proposing to remove the low value VAT exemption on imports. Currently, small consignments and packages valued at €22 or less…


Brexit: What are the VAT implications?

Ryan Bevan 28 June 2016 No comments

  What needs to be done right now? In short, nothing. The first thing to note about Brexit is that no action is required by businesses at this point in time from a VAT perspective. This is also the view expressed by HMRC in its Information Paper 42 (2016) published on 24 June in which…

Bookit card handling fees

ECJ decides card handling fees are not VAT exempt

Ryan Bevan 6 June 2016 No comments

  The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has recently released its judgments in two UK cases concerning the VAT liability of debit and credit card handling fees – National Exhibition Centre Limited (NEC) (C-130/15) and Bookit Limited (C-607/14). The key issues in these cases centred around whether the services provided by NEC and Bookit amounted…

EU VAT system

What lies ahead for VAT?

Ryan Bevan 4 May 2016 No comments

  On 7 April 2016, the European Commission presented its “Action Plan on VAT” in which it set out steps for creating a single EU VAT area with a view to modernising the current VAT rules and addressing certain disadvantages of the VAT system. In the Action Plan the Commission stated that the VAT system…

UK VAT changes

2016 Budget: VAT Changes and Proposals

Ryan Bevan 16 March 2016 No comments

  Summary of VAT changes and measures taken from the 2016 Budget   1. Consultation on penalty for participating in VAT fraud – The government will consult on a new penalty for participating in VAT fraud in spring 2016. Subject to the consultation, the intention is to legislate in Finance Bill 2017. 2. Tackling online…

UK VAT - London

Will the UK Budget target non-EU online retailers to raise VAT revenues?

Ryan Bevan 15 March 2016 No comments

  Are anti-VAT fraud measures aimed at non-EU online retailers selling in to Europe going to feature in Chancellor George Osborne’s 2016 Budget? Tomorrow the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will deliver his 2016 Budget and share with us his plan for making the UK economy stronger and more stable in 2016 and…