Cross-border EU VAT Project Management

As a firm we have created a strong niche in advising US businesses on their commercial transactions and VAT planning with regards to their EU in-bound activities. We operate in this space so that US businesses can get the crucial and necessary VAT advice to allow them to do business in the EU.

At present, so many US businesses are incurring unnecessary VAT costs and racking-up VAT compliance obligations due to a lack of understanding of the VAT rules.

This gap in VAT knowledge stems from a number of reasons:

In working with us you will get a real alternative to the Big Four international consulting firms: benefiting from EU-wide VAT expertise, experience and a unique personal service with value for money fees.

With our approach, experience and expertise we deliver active VAT management: we set out what needs to be done, when, why and how.

In our VAT consultancy and compliance projects, we consider all the angles. We will:

  • Minimise the VAT cost to your business
  • Minimise the VAT compliance burden
  • Ensure on-going EU VAT compliance
  • Create VAT efficient cash and transaction flows
  • Review your product/service VAT liabilities in selling to customers
  • Review the VAT liabilities of buying goods or services from EU vendors
  • Audit and review supply chains and contracts to ensure that you are not paying too much VAT
  • Integrate with your existing finance, tax and logistics teams
  • Be your VAT agent (in the UK and Ireland) for VAT inspections and audits from tax authorities