EU VAT Registration Service

For most businesses (European and non-European) buying and selling goods and services in the EU brings about a requirement to register for a VAT number in an EU country. Some businesses may even need to register for VAT in more than one EU country depending on how their business operates, where they sell from, who they sell to and sometimes who they buy from.

There are currently 28 countries (called Member States) in the EU and each country has slightly different rules over when a business must become VAT registered. So, although many of the requirements are the same across the 28 EU countries there are nuances that can be tricky to understand.

This is where we can help. By talking with us, we can learn about your business and what you do to determine where EU VAT registrations are required.

Essentially, we simplify the process for you whether you require a VAT registration in 1 or 28 EU countries. You can trust us to accurately prepare and file VAT registration applications so that you don’t have to:

  • Contact and liaise with tax authorities in lots of different EU countries
  • Prepare VAT registration application forms in multiple formats (no two EU countries have the same form…)
  • Prepare VAT registration application forms in foreign (i.e. non-English) languages

Our EU VAT registration service includes:

  • Preparation and submission of the VAT registration application forms
  • Dealing with the tax authorities to obtain the VAT registration number
  • Confirmation of the effective date of VAT registration (i.e. the date when you should start charging VAT and file VAT Returns)

Trading after VAT registration

Once you have become VAT registered, you may need to start charging VAT to your customers and possibly reclaiming VAT on your business costs.

Maintaining VAT compliance obligations can be challenging, especially if your business is VAT registered in more than one EU country. We have a proven methodology for supporting businesses in meeting their VAT compliance obligations, and we offer:

  • VAT Agent services (UK and Ireland)
  • Recommendations and introductions on Fiscal Representation in EU countries where required
  • VAT Return preparation and filing
  • EC Sales List preparation and filing
  • Preparation and filing of Intrastat Arrivals declarations
  • Preparation and filing of Intrastat Dispatches declarations

You may not need us right now, but we’re here to help at any time in the future. You can download our VAT compliance services pack just in case.