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Actively manage your VAT position with leading European VAT specialists

Ryan Bevan 31 March 2016 No comments


What we do

 We are European VAT experts delivering VAT consultancy and VAT compliance services. As a firm we bring a unique proposition to the businesses we work with: we combine our senior partner-level Big Four experience with an unrivalled level of personal service and unmatched attention to detail.

Our European VAT expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing UK, European and US multi-national businesses with clear and actionable business-led VAT advice
  • Advising international businesses on how best to strategically organize supply chains and VAT planning in their European in-bound activities
  • Assisting finance and tax teams with preparing and filing European VAT compliance declarations such as VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat
  • Developing and delivering interactive online VAT training courses suiting learners of all experience and capabilities

VAT Consultancy for all 28 EU Member States

We understand today’s global market and the increased ability for businesses to buy and sell goods and services globally without physical barriers. But many businesses see VAT as an obstacle in getting business done.

It shouldn’t be. We work with you to remove VAT barriers and make your VAT strategy and tax planning simpler to operate as your business grows and gets more complex. Our active VAT management approach will help you implement a global VAT strategy that harmonises with your business.

Through our work, we will:

  • Help minimise the cost of VAT to your business
  • Reduce your EU VAT compliance filings burden
  • Make VAT simple for your business to handle
  • Be on hand to guide you through your EU VAT obligations as and when you need us

Our active VAT management approach means we consider all of the facts and give you clear and actionable advice based on a sound, well thought out VAT strategy.

EU-wide VAT Compliance

We have a proven strategy for meeting all of your European VAT compliance filings. Our VAT knowledge and capabilities enable us to prepare and file VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat Declarations accurately and on time in any European country.

How we do it

VAT in Europe can be complicated for both European and non-European businesses, particularly when trading across multiple EU Member States. We specialize in working with international businesses (especially US, Chinese and Swiss businesses) to simplify and decode the mysteries of VAT so the key people just get the clear and actionable VAT advice needed to do their job effectively and efficiently.

We also understand there are many practical difficulties of being a non-European business dealing with EU VAT issues such as how to contract with customers or distributors, how to apply the correct VAT rate to sales and how to import goods in to the EU effectively and efficiently avoiding unwanted VAT registrations and unnecessary VAT compliance costs.

Over the years we have also learnt what the key decision-makers need to know, how they want it delivered and how to see the VAT advice and action plan through to fruition. So, we always make sure that we cut to the chase and deliver our VAT advice in clear and actionable pieces. Our clients really appreciate that and most continue to work with us to manage their on-going EU VAT compliance obligations after the initial phase of VAT consultancy is done.

Who we do it for – some of our great clients

Over the last 15 years, we have advised, supported and trained:

  • Senior management and C-level directors in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 businesses,
  • CEO’s and VP’s in innovative and emerging businesses (many in software and app development)
  • Supply chain and logistics professionals coordinating complex shipping and distribution routes in/from Europe
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable professionals handling and treating vital VAT documents central to the VAT Return compilation process

More than ever before, VAT is a consideration for all businesses when trading in and with Europe; VAT is a transaction-based tax rather than a profits-based tax, meaning it touches almost all parts of a business supply chain. It affects almost all the things a business buys and sells and it is incredibly difficult to ‘undo’ once a VAT decision has been made.

As VAT is ever more important and prevalent in global supply chains our clients cross a multitude of market sectors including retail/online retail, technology, software, financial services, online gaming and insurance to name only a few.


We are a one-stop-shop for all European VAT issues and requirements: we have European-wide VAT knowledge and capabilities that we provide to our VAT consulting and compliance clients on both a one-off and recurring basis.

When you work with us, you will always get a single point of contact who delivers an unrivalled personal service – you can count on your ‘go-to’ guy to summarise what needs to be done when, why and how. We are very proud of our service delivery levels and boast a successful track record when working with businesses operating in international markets such as the US, China and Europe. We believe we are an attractive alternative to the Big Four international consulting firms: receive European-wide VAT expertise and premier quality deliverables with value for money fees.

If you would like to discuss the European VAT issues affecting your business, please feel free to get in touch with an international VAT expert by filling in the form below. We will be pleased to learn more about your business and we’ll look forward to helping you on your to actively managing your European VAT position.