VAT Advice

EU VAT is changing at a greater pace than ever before – VAT rates are changing, the VAT treatment of certain categories of goods and services are being re-classified and there are VAT rule changes to respond to developments in global business and how goods and services are delivered to customers.

So, continual changes to EU VAT systems coupled with fast-pace international business development requires companies to overcome substantial challenges in order to be VAT compliant.

Through a professional VAT Advice, we help businesses manage their international VAT issues by being an extension of the existing in-house finance or tax team so that you can be sure you are receiving the best possible VAT advice and support.

Given our EU-wide VAT expertise and experience, we understand that businesses require proper guidance in making choices concerning their international VAT obligations.

Our areas of VAT advice expertise include:

  • Reviewing VAT implications of business expansion in the EU
  • Determination of the VAT treatment of sales made to customers
  • Strategic supply chain analysis from all angles and stages for businesses
  • Identifying VAT risk areas and potential VAT inefficiencies
  • Managing and supporting on-going VAT compliance obligations such as preparing and filing EU VAT Returns
  • Minimising exposure to VAT assessments and penalties

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  • Agency agreements such as Commissionaire, Limited risk distributors and Commission agents
  • Assessment of EU VAT registrations and VAT compliance obligations
  • BEPS
  • Commercial strategy, bidding and pricing support
  • Consignment and Call-off stock VAT registration requirements
  • Customs Duty and Import VAT
  • Determination of VAT rate applied to goods and/or services
  • ERP coding reviews
  • Financial shared service centre (FSSC) reviews
  • Fixed establishment analysis
  • Help with HMRC VAT audits
  • Hosting training, exhibitions and conferences
  • Imports and Exports of goods
  • Internal VAT compliance controls and risk assessment
  • International supply chain analysis
  • Invoicing and contracts
  • Management accounting
  • Partial exemption
  • Partial exemption special methods (PESM)
  • Permanent establishment analysis
  • Post-merger or post re-organisation integration
  • Real estate and construction
  • Revenue share arrangements
  • Shipping and invoicing of replacement parts and warranty goods
  • Shipping, logistics and distribution of goods throughout the EU