VAT Compliance

What we do

We provide premier quality VAT compliance services: we have a successful track-record in meeting the demands of increasing EU VAT compliance obligations.

Our VAT knowledge and experience enables us to accurately prepare and meet submission deadlines for monthly, quarterly and annual filings, such as:

  • VAT Returns
  • EC Sales Lists
  • Intrastat Arrivals Declarations
  • Intrastat Dispatches Declarations
VAT Compliance VAT Compliance VAT Compliance

VAT Compliance

Our VAT compliance services are EU-wide and we have a proven strategy in supporting businesses with VAT reporting obligations in multiple EU countries.

As we provide a bespoke service, we have a solution to fit businesses of all sizes, sectors and locations.

We currently support businesses such as:

  • Internationally recognised UK businesses
  • European businesses with a global footprint
  • Fortune 500 US businesses
  • UK and EU-based subsidiaries of well-established, mature US businesses
  • Innovative and emerging US businesses exploring new European markets
  • Venture capital backed US start-ups looking to grow new revenue streams in Europe

If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you in any matter.

VAT Compliance

RBC VAT provide us with a one-stop-shop for all of our European VAT filings. We were struggling to meet all of the VAT filing deadlines which meant we sometimes incurred expensive fines. Keeping up with the VAT commitments ultimately placed a huge amount of pressure on our accounting department. Since working with RBC VAT, we have never missed a VAT filing deadline and we are now on top of all commitments.

How we do it

For all of our clients, we set out what needs to be done, when, why and how. We call this active VAT management for VAT compliance.

When you work with us you will get:

  • ‘Go-to’ guys for VAT filings; you will always have a single point of contact to coordinate all of your VAT projects
  • Experienced VAT professionals; we look at the business as a whole and ask the challenging questions – we don’t just file what we’re given
  • A fully integrated service where the VAT consulting and VAT compliance teams work hand-in-hand
  • Regular contact with your adviser; receive monthly VAT information prompts and VAT filing review and feedback sessions
  • Updates on changes in VAT rules, VAT rates and thresholds, and more importantly, what it means in real terms for your business
  • Free online VAT management portal account; manage VAT filings and documentation with profile calendar, tasks, and online VAT records storage
  • Free access to selected online VAT training modules and resources

For more information on how we support our clients to make sure they keep up to date with VAT filings and compliance obligations, click here.

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