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We deliver premier quality European VAT consultancy services to businesses needing expertise from a professional VAT consultant. Our industry leading VAT consultants have Partner level Big Four experience and top client credentials to match (see who we work with here ).

We are your ‘go-to’ people for all European countries – we know the EU VAT rules, we can fulfil your consulting requirements, and we speak your ‘language’. In particular, we have over 35 years of experience in advising US businesses on European-wide VAT issues, so there is no-one more experienced than our VAT consultants.

With VAT rates in the EU reaching up to 27%, applying to both sales and purchases, having the wrong understanding of your VAT position at any stage of the supply chain can lead to significant costs and possibly even wipe out your profit margin.

Underestimating the importance of how VAT works within your business could lead to:

  • Lost cash through irrecoverable VAT (VAT on purchases, operating costs and imports)
  • VAT penalties and fines through non-compliance with VAT rules and deadlines
  • Incurring unnecessary VAT compliance costs through inefficient VAT structures
  • Slow payments from customers for incorrect VAT invoicing
  • Unhappy customers because the VAT on sales is incorrect
  • Damage to professional reputation and future business opportunities

Ignoring or not dealing with your VAT position effectively and efficiently is not productive in terms of time or money – our active VAT management can help your business grow with the comfort of knowing that any VAT issues are dealt with correctly.

Popular VAT consultancy services

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VAT Consultancy

In the last 12 months our business has expanded rapidly and due to a shift in our selling and distribution models, it brought about so many VAT considerations that we'd never encountered before. In working with Roger and his team, we received expert advice and guidance at every step of the process from negotiating distribution contracts through to importing and warehousing strategy

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  • Tailored VAT advice – we are led by what the business arrangements dictate
  • Premier quality – Partner level Big Four experience and capabilities
  • Personal service – we are your ‘go-to’ guys to coordinate and manage EU-wide VAT obligations

We do not let VAT get in the way of you conducting business, always giving commercial advice so that VAT does not lead your company.

We believe that VAT should not be a barrier to trading in or with Europe. Whether you are a UK multi-national business selling services across the EU or a US start-up selling goods B2B through a website – we make sure VAT works for you. We always provide a specialised and personal service to our clients, taking pride in getting to know your business so that we can add value in our work with you.

In working with us you will get a real alternative to the Big Four firms: you can get our VAT expertise, experience and personal service with value for money fees.