VAT Planning & Strategy

VAT is a tax on transactions, not profits. This is crucial to understand. We are concerned with your transactions and commercial arrangements – basically, what are you buying and what are you selling? When we understand this, we can make VAT work for you and your business.

We understand today’s global market and the increased ability for businesses to source goods and procure services globally without physical barriers, but VAT can often be seen as an obstacle in getting business done.

It shouldn’t be: we work with you to break down those barriers and make your VAT strategy and tax planning simpler to operate as your business grows and gets more complex. Our active VAT management approach will help you to implement a global VAT strategy that harmonises with your business.

Through our work, we will:

  • Help minimise the cost of VAT to your business
  • Reduce your VAT compliance burden
  • Make VAT simple for your business to handle

Our active VAT management approach means we consider all of the facts and give you clear and actionable advice based on a sound, well thought out VAT strategy.

A great VAT strategy will encompass many aspects such as those considered below.

Commercial Strategy

VAT can be a hidden cost and some of the many traps can be overlooked when deals are put together. We advise on the VAT consequences of your proposed commercial deals and agreements to ensure legal compliance and identify any unseen VAT costs. We are happy to work with your legal advisors to get the best result for you.

Bidding & Contract Pricing

Understanding VAT can give you a considerable competitive advantage in your contract pricing. There are a number of circumstances where you can take advantage of the VAT rules and not have to charge VAT, which could make your pricing up to 27% cheaper than the competition.

Inward & Outward Investment

You must meet a number of legal VAT obligations in any EU country in which you make sales or import goods. Choosing the right VAT structure that suits your business, making the correct notifications and ensuring you obtain all the necessary VAT registrations and rulings can save you a lot of time and money.

Logistics & Supply Chain Analysis

We are experts in ensuring a VAT efficient supply chain is in place and in achieving significant cash flow savings. We cover all aspects of your supply chain from procurement to delivery and have EU-wide VAT knowledge so we can deliver a truly global solution.

Cross Border International Transactions

Non-EU businesses can be caught in the EU ‘VAT net’ even if you do not have employees, offices or servers in the EU. For example, if a US business buys goods from a German supplier and has them delivered to their Swedish customer, they almost certainly have EU VAT issues to deal with.

If you trade in or with the EU, and you do not have a VAT strategy in place, the consequences are usually lost cash, slow payments from customers and damage to professional reputations. It is not productive in terms of time or money.