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Why do businesses invest in our online VAT training courses?

Ryan Bevan 21 April 2016 No comments


We recently undertook a survey of our online VAT training course students asking why they considered VAT training to be important. Some of the most common views are expressed below. Do you recognise yourself or your business in any of the opinions?


  • Because the VAT training courses are all online, we could train people in different departments located in different places at times that suited them. The service was really flexible and suited our needs.


  • VAT can often be quite ‘scary’ and we did not have an internal resource (person, software or training) to help us get our VAT right. So we needed to find a way to support our people in improving their VAT knowledge. The way in which the training modules build up VAT knowledge throughout the course is great and really takes away the ‘fear factor’ that comes with the prospect of getting VAT wrong.


  • With the training courses being updated and available online, I could see content was always up-to-date which meant I could rely on the most accurate information being available to me.


  • With the portal reporting tools available, we could monitor the progress of each of our finance team members. The internal rivalry to get the best end of course score was a really good motivator to concentrate and take in as much as VAT knowledge as possible.


  • I’ve done lots of training in the ‘classroom’ before and some sessions have been better than others. But the one thing all the ‘classroom’ training sessions had in common is that I forgot most of it within a week or so. However, with the VAT training modules being available online for the whole year, I have been able to keep logging in to check back with the VAT rules which has helped enormously and improved my confidence in making the right VAT decisions.


  • We had no way of measuring VAT knowledge across the different team members – we had people with lots of accumulated VAT process knowledge and others with very little. By putting everyone through the online VAT training courses, we were able to accurately assess who had what level of knowledge and steadily bring everyone up to more or less the same level. This has made our VAT processing, especially when it comes to customer services, much more efficient and accurate.


  • We are very committed to continual professional development within the organisation and our staff were very pleased the courses were able to contribute to their annual CPD credits.